Year 1960

This is the list of all sailboats known to have been released this year.

Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
EC-12 EC-12 / Scale Charlie Morgan (USA) 1960 LOA: 1492mm (58.7in)
LWL: 1067mm (42.0in)
283mm (11.1in)
Hull: 200mm (7.9in)
Keel: 200mm (7.9in)
10886gr (24.0lb)
8387.0cm2 (1300.0in2)
Photos available Vendors known
Moonshine A John Lewis (GBR) 1960 LOA: 2137mm (84.1in)
LWL: 1397mm (55.0in)
363mm (14.3in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 310mm (12.2in)
26780gr (59.0lb)
Photos available Plans available
Warrior II Marblehead S. Goodwin 1960 LOA: (add) 
LWL: (add) 
Hull: (add) 
Keel: (add) 
Photos available
Wasp Marblehead Stan Witty (GBR) 1960 LOA: 1276mm (50.2in)
LWL: 1232mm (48.5in)
257mm (10.1in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 295mm (11.6in)
9525gr (21.0lb)
5151.0cm2 (798.4in2)
Plans available
Whirlwind Ten Rater John Lewis (GBR) 1960 LOA: 1865mm (73.4in)
LWL: 1397mm (55.0in)
287mm (11.3in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 305mm (12.0in)
14200gr (31.3lb)
7026.0cm2 (1089.0in2)
Plans available