Year 1948

This is the list of all sailboats known to have been released this year.

Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
Riptide Marblehead Ted Houk 1948 LOA: 1270mm (50.0in)
LWL: (add) 
241mm (9.5in)
Hull: 330mm (13.0in)
Keel: 330mm (13.0in)
5161.0cm2 (800.0in2)
Photos available Plans available
Tinkerbell A (add) 1948 LOA: 1883mm (74.1in)
LWL: 1318mm (51.9in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: (add) 
24480gr (54.0lb)