Who is AllRadioSailboats?

AllRadioSailboats is single-handed developed, mantained and operated by me: Thomas Armstrong.

I do this simply just for the joy of helping fellow sailors from the radio sailing community worldwide. I just like to have proper data when comparing boats, and this website provides that information with the help of other sailors that provide missing data and report errors.

Running this website requires about US$200 a year in server & email service hosting, which I happily pay as my small contribution to the radio sailing community. But if you want to help me with these expenses and ensure continuous operations, feel free to click onthe button below:

Some Stats

There are 1326 designs available for 51 different classes.
Only 69 boats have unknown designer. Can you identify some?
We know of 307 different designers from 27 different countries. 59 of them have a website. Look for the icon.
There are 2268 total images, for 809 different designs. This means there are 517 designs without images. Can you provide some? Look for the missing icon.
There are 124 total manuals, for 75 different designs. This are mostly for the serial produced boats. Look for the icon.
There are 977 total free plans, for 478 different designs. Look for the icon.
There are 234 total vendor references, for 195 different designs. Look for the icon.