Designer: R. Sterne

This is the list of all sailboats designed by this person.

Country: CAN
Designs Listed: 7
R. Sterne (CAN) 
Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
Keta Ten Rater R. Sterne (CAN) 1981 LOA: 1781mm (70.1in)
LWL: 1473mm (58.0in)
241mm (9.5in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 457mm (18.0in)
6980gr (15.4lb)
8303.0cm2 (1287.0in2)
Plans available
Nerka 36/600 R. Sterne (CAN) 1981 LOA: 914mm (36.0in)
LWL: 864mm (34.0in)
241mm (9.5in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 356mm (14.0in)
4309gr (9.5lb)
3870.0cm2 (599.9in2)
Plans available
Orca A R. Sterne (CAN) 1982 LOA: 1755mm (69.1in)
LWL: 1397mm (55.0in)
375mm (14.8in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 311mm (12.2in)
17420gr (38.4lb)
7413.0cm2 (1149.0in2)
Plans available
Orca II 48 A R. Sterne (CAN) 1991 LOA: 1587mm (62.5in)
LWL: 1219mm (48.0in)
351mm (13.8in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 284mm (11.2in)
13460gr (29.7lb)
9432.0cm2 (1462.0in2)
Orca II 50 A R. Sterne (CAN) 1991 LOA: 1654mm (65.1in)
LWL: 1270mm (50.0in)
343mm (13.5in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 292mm (11.5in)
13460gr (29.7lb)
8329.0cm2 (1291.0in2)
Orca II 52 A R. Sterne (CAN) 1991 LOA: 1720mm (67.7in)
LWL: 1321mm (52.0in)
343mm (13.5in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 300mm (11.8in)
13860gr (30.6lb)
7348.0cm2 (1138.9in2)
Orca II 54 A R. Sterne (CAN) 1991 LOA: 1786mm (70.3in)
LWL: 1372mm (54.0in)
343mm (13.5in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 308mm (12.1in)
14270gr (31.5lb)
6477.0cm2 (1003.9in2)