Designer: Doug Lord

This is the list of all sailboats designed by this person.

Country: USA
Designs Listed: 4
Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
America One One Of A Kind Doug Lord (USA) 1995 LOA: 1651mm (65.0in)
LWL: 1499mm (59.0in)
254mm (10.0in)
Hull: 89mm (3.5in)
Keel: 457mm (18.0in)
7258gr (16.0lb)
15174.0cm2 (2352.0in2)
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F3 One Of A Kind Doug Lord (USA) 2001 LOA: 1422mm (56.0in)
LWL: 1397mm (55.0in)
1829mm (72.0in)
Hull: 38mm (1.5in)
Keel: 203mm (8.0in)
3402gr (7.5lb)
10761.0cm2 (1668.0in2)
Photos available Trimaran
FireArrow One Of A Kind Doug Lord (USA) 2014 LOA: 1676mm (66.0in)
LWL: 1676mm (66.0in)
2007mm (79.0in)
Hull: 38mm (1.5in)
Keel: 457mm (18.0in)
9752gr (21.5lb)
26368.0cm2 (4087.0in2)
Photos available Trimaran
Spinnaker 50 One Of A Kind Doug Lord (USA) 1995 LOA: 1270mm (50.0in)
LWL: 1270mm (50.0in)
229mm (9.0in)
Hull: 57mm (2.2in)
Keel: 508mm (20.0in)
4082gr (9.0lb)
12258.0cm2 (1900.0in2)
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