Designer: AG Industries

This is the list of all sailboats designed by this company.

Country: JPN
Designs Listed: 3
Website: AG Ajikawa Corporation
Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
CR-12 Heron Serial AG Industries (JPN) (add) LOA: 498mm (19.6in)
LWL: 426mm (16.8in)
108mm (4.3in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: (add) 
829gr (1.8lb)
1361.0cm2 (211.0in2)
Photos available Designer URL known
CR-610 Serial AG Industries (JPN) (add) LOA: 610mm (24.0in)
LWL: (add) 
150mm (5.9in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: (add) 
1400gr (3.1lb)
1800.0cm2 (279.0in2)
Photos available Designer URL known
CR-914 CR-914 / Serial AG Industries (JPN) 1990 LOA: 914mm (36.0in)
LWL: (add) 
203mm (8.0in)
Hull: (add) 
Keel: 235mm (9.3in)
2835gr (6.3lb)
5535.0cm2 (857.9in2)
Photos available Manual avaliable Designer URL known Vendors known