Class: Regatta O/D

"Regatta One-Design", manufactured and sold by Matt Jacobsen of Burbank, CA. Originally one of the several similar sized hulls that were grouped into a preliminary, formative EC-12 Class until the decision was made to make the EC-12 a one-design. As a stand alone class the Regatta O/D got up to about 30 or so boats before being eclipsed by the EC-12. Matt later produced a Magnum 54, another attempt at a one design class, but 4" longer than the M class. Anyone with a Regatta O/D that is thinking of updating and renovation, I have sail plan information and probably some more details on the boat in the archives, somewhere here. Rod Carr

Class Type: One-Design Rule
Designs Listed: 1
Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
Regatta O/D Regatta O/D / Scale James Potter (CAN) (add) LOA: 1511mm (59.5in)
LWL: 994mm (39.1in)
318mm (12.5in)
Hull: 210mm (8.3in)
Keel: 210mm (8.3in)
11567gr (25.5lb)
8777.0cm2 (1360.4in2)
Photos available Plans available