Class: 1MULY

This subclass was created in 1990 by ULY (Unión Latinoamericana de Yatemodelismo) for Argentina, Brasil and Chile, as a way to reduce cost to race a IOM boat.

Class Type: One-Design Rule
Designs Listed: 1
Design Class Designer Released Length Beam Draught Displacement Sail Area Other
1M ULY 1MULY / IOM Antonio Vadalá (BRA) 1990 LOA: 1000mm (39.4in)
LWL: (add) 
245mm (9.6in)
Hull: 60mm (2.4in)
Keel: 420mm (16.5in)
4000gr (8.8lb)
6000.0cm2 (930.0in2)
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